Cerebalite Thralls


And it’s a new kind of love
When you get touched by his glove
And you get blinded by the flash photo picture of, picture of
Your new master

A Brief History of my miniature Alien Brains 

(complete with reused photo captions of yesteryear!)

“We are the world, we are the children…”

August 2013: “Tentacle Brain” models and one tentacle brain corpse (not pictured) from Ramshackle games (the three in the middle).

“I say, can you direct me to the gift shop? My friends and I seem to have become separated from our group. Theres a good chap.”

September 2013: Reaper Bones Eyebeast, Cerebalites and Medusharks from CP Models.

The Thinktank

September 2013:  The Thinktank (the gloriously bizarre Kryomek “Grav Helion Drone Carrier” from Scotia Grendel)

“You stink!” they both cried in unison.

May 2014: Cerebalite Specialist, again from CP Models.  I just love this thing, its solid 1950s, raygun sci-fi, Cold War bananas.  Its fantastic.

Deadzone Marauders/orx and Chovar

Deadzone Marauders/orx and Chovar

May 2014: a Chovar from Mantics Deadzone range.



That left me with fifteen alien brain models in the force.  For the sorts of games that I play – skirmishes with less than nine models per side – the above force is more than adequate.  I do enjoy painting that colour scheme though, so I lined up some more items to add to the force some time ago.  This is the first batch of those.

New Brains


A conversation with some folks a while back generated the idea of having human thralls in service of the Tenebrainian Cerebalite Enslavers.  It was a great idea, adding a body-snatcher vibe to the figures that is very nicely suited to the 1950s sci-fi theme.

A clip from

A still from “Fiend Without a Face”, on some level the wonderful old crap that I am trying to channel with these guys.

Serendipitously, CP Models already had a model in production that really couldnt have been more appropriate: the Alien Minion, shown above.

Generally I like to have as much variation in my miniature sculpts as possible as it keeps my interest up while painting.  The exception to this is automata, like robots and in this case mind controlled/brainwashed types.  For tropes such as those, the similar static pose is actually a boon.


Things got even better when CP Models then released a Cerebalite Minion variant model.  At the time when I bought the Alien Minions, the Cerebalite Minion was unreleased, but Mark at CP kindly sent me a preview model.  That one works well as some sort of officer class thrall, maybe a psychic node that relays tasks to the thrall around it or something perhaps.


The Thrall Tick Swarm is third from the left.

At some point I also noticed that one of the range of “Creature Swarms” from CP looked a lot like a carpet of the hideous things on the heads of the Alien Minions (the same sculptor may have been involved perhaps).

So I painted one of them as “Thrall Ticks” for this force, which worked out entertainingly.  I feel an urge to grab a few more of those to create a decently sized mass of ticks, scuttling along, enthusiastic to eat your brain and gain your knowledge.  The photo from this angle isnt great to be honest, so I will get a better shot of whats going on with that model at a later date.


J’o-ee Saibasentai – Tenebrainian Cerebalite Cultural Liaison

Funnily enough, the reason that I ended up back working on this project is because of the model above.  It is a conversion of “Aenur – the sword of twilight” a common metal Mordheim figure that was supplied on the cover of White Dwarf magazine in 1999.

Aenur - Sword of Twilight

Aenur – Sword of Twilight

The conversion was my entry in a group project based on each contributor converting one of the Aenur models, usually to a sci-fi theme.  The models were generously supplied by the proprietor of Port Imperiale (thanks Evo!) and generated all sorts of different ideas.


The big Tick Thralls on the base are other Alien minion heads with sausages of putty used to make legs. They tie conceptually in with the base of Tick Thralls above.

My plan was to make the model into something that I could fit in with one of my existing projects, so I added a spare Cerebalite Specialist tentacle and three Alien Minion heads to my decapitated Aenur.  Some green stuff was used to blend some imperfections and after a comment on the WIP shot by Asslessman from the Leadplague, I decided to add a Scarf of Asskicking to up the sentai feel of the model.

The finished product ended up being a little rushed to meet a deadline in the end, but its still ok.


Certain sorts of badass wear scarves. Thats science.

Chiro from Super-Robot-Monkey-Team-Hyper-Force-Go

Chiro from Super-Robot-Monkey-Team-Hyper-Force-Go.  Note scarf.

Conceptually, I figure that some of the Thralls become Ambassadors or Cultural Liaison Officers for the Tenebrainians.  Despite (or perhaps because of) their huge minds, evil alien brains tend to have trouble relating to the humans that they come into contact with, so the idea that a thrall with a tentacle in both camps might be used fits with the cheesy sci-fi source material.

Things like that tend to generate angst in characters that have been violated that way, leading to rebellion against their squishy masters and other familiar but entertaining gaming plot hooks (think “Locutus of Borg”).

Also, I wanted to stick one of the CP Models alien heads onto a figure and paint it, so that was a big factor too.

The conversion was named J’o-ee because it reminds my wife of this:


The conversion was named Saibasentai because of this:


Goggle V display their trope defining neckwear.

…and maybe a tiny bit because of this, because everyone like Trakeena from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, right?  Right?

The CP Models elements of the project.

The CP Models elements of the project.

I do really enjoy working on this Alien Brain project. Like my orks, I keep coming back to it.

“The Brain From Planet Arous”.  Gotta watch those guys.

TenebrainianCerebaliteThralls8I have some more models lined up for inclusion with the Tenebrainian Cerebalites.  The plan is to tackle those next.  No promises though, real life is relentlessly chaotic this year.

The entirety of the Tenebrainian Cerebalite Enslavers force to date.

The entirety of the Tenebrainian Cerebalite Enslavers force to date.


27 Responses

  1. That is a fantastic collation of models Paul & as with all you stuff a great paint job, I have to admit I copped the model in the cloak in the first picture as I seen Mr Saturday’s only the other day, you guys just keep coming up with cool ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The poncho-like cape on the Aenur model is quite distinctive. It did lead to some very interesting conversions.

      Thanks for the feedback Frank.


  2. Lovely stuff old son. They’re a credit for you. I really like that Reaper Beholder. The CP models are excellent as well. In fact they’re all great.

    Must paint that Beholder.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I snaffled that “Eye Beast” from a mates huge pile of Kickstarter Bones models back when I decided that it would fit in here. It’s an extremely goofy model, but that face is lovable to almost Muppet monster levels.
      I’m glad that you like them Conrad, thanks!


  3. Amazing! The minions are such static models but you’re right, that works perfectly in this context. Ballsy of you to convert Aenur the Sword of Twilight this way but the result looks like it could have been an original model.

    I like some of the other aliens that CP has there, the not-slitheen aren’t bad but the plant creatures are a real shout out to a classic Tom Baker story called “The Seeds of Doom” which I greatly enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not really a Who fan, so I never spotted that about those plant people before, although I do own a couple of the unpainted models. There are a number of Who homages in the ranges, CPs proprietor is a fan.
      There are not-triffids there that I must pick up too.
      Aenur was a bit of a stretch to fit in with these guys really, but I enjoyed working on it all the same.
      Thanks for the feedback No Such Agency!


  4. That “Friends” gag was a total rip-off of Mr. Bean. But your models look fantastic, amazing work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Somebody else mentioned that Mr Bean turkey gag the other day actually. I haven’t ever seen the Bean show with the gag or the Friends episode. I think that the turkey image may have been in the Friends credit sequence though, which is why it’s so familiar.
      I’m glad that you like the models Dallas, thanks!


  5. This force is getting quite big now. The minions add a lot to it, and they look great. You must bring them to the table sometime!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Im never short of new forces to field in games really, I paint more than my gaming can keep up with at this stage. Weirdly, that means that this force has only hit the table a couple of times. You are right, I should really remedy that.

      The Tenebrainian force is sufficiently large to play any sort of Pulp Alley game with them at this stage. I would like to make some force specific Plot Point markers for them though. What is it that floating, tentacle covered, psychic alien brains would be motivated by, any ideas?

      I reckon that even at this rate I should have enough of these to play Gates of Antares or Bolt Action fairly soon. That option would be all sorts of excellent. Regardless, I will make an effort to get these guys into our next PA session.

      Thanks for the feedback Mr S!


      • Infant Tenebrainians? Must be small tentacle monsters out there some place.

        Gates of Antares sound good, I’d be on for a game of that!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I have at least eighteen more little brain things from three different manufacturers in the to-do pile, but I am planning to use them as low level troops, rather than objectives. They could work as both of course, but some dedicated objectives are always nice for narrative.

          Once we get a look at the GoA book we can choose a list that seems the best approximation of each force (‘stealer cultists or Tenebrainians for example) and work from that.

          A while back you were talking about a template to build your cult around as it gets larger. Once we decide what force suits the ‘stealer cult the best then basing your units on the make up of the GoA starter sets would make a lot of sense I think.

          Sounds like fun too 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Samurai Flamenco!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Really nicely done. The effect of both the minions and the ambassador is very chilling and creepy. Body Snatchers is definetly channelled here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Its a bright, sort of Saturday morning cartoon or Guardians of the Galaxy version of Body Snatchers, but it is definitely the vibe that I was going for.

      Im glad that it suggested the same to you hosercanadian, thanks for the feedback!


  8. Great job. I sense lots of Half Life in those. Well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • While I know of the existence of Half Life, I dont really know anything about it (never having been a PC gamer). I didnt know that Half Life featured things like the models shown above, although it does obviously fit with the title of the game. But any similarities with Half Life characters, living, dead or in a state of half-life is purely coincidental 😉

      Thanks for the feedback Gabbi, Im glad that you liked them.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. love these miniatures. they somehow remind me of the ball aliens in futurerama.

    As for Trakeena. . . For the longest time my ideal threesome was me, her and Evil Lyn from Masters of the universe! ;0)

    Liked by 1 person

    • If your nascently pubescent fantasies didn’t involve a cartoon character, you’re not a true child of the 80s. I imagine Evil-lyn and Cheetara have a lot to answer for…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Cheetara had a certain something, no denying it. My memory of her is sexier than recent research would suggest, but that was a long time ago now.

        The first sci-fi show that I remember being really into was Battle of the Planets. I didnt have pubescent fantasies at that age I dont think (I was about three to five years old when it made it to local TV), but Princess was a watershed moment for a few folks a bit older than me I think.


    • I am fond of the Futurama ball aliens episode, its a particularly good one. I actually dealt with ball aliens in a very Blue Peter, bit-of-a-laugh fashion a while back, it might be of some novelty interest.

      Based on my limited knowledge of entomology, Trakeena may have decapitated and devoured you body after your memorable evening spent.
      Worth it ;D

      Thanks for the feedback riot!


  10. Brilliant! Really Star Trek feel to the models.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Lead Crackhead!

      Now that you mention it, the Technicolor palette on those guys does suggest the crazy hues of original Trek. The jungle terrain in the shots was very much inspired by the cheesy but definitive multicoloured foliage on the same series, so that lends a bit of the Trek vibe too.

      All very desirable in my toy soldiers as far as I am concerned.


  11. I love how your very disparate models of the Telebrainians all come together with your painting scheme.

    The thralls and brain eating ticks kinda make my skin crawl
    (as in,” being very effectively creepy”)

    Great Stuff as usual

    Liked by 1 person

    • You and I see eye to eye on mixing and matching ranges Guiscard. It regularly surprises me how reluctant many people are to do the same. Tying disparate models together via colour scheme gives me a unique sense of satisfaction.

      As for skin crawling, these guys are a campy sort of sci-fi horror, but a sort of horror all the same. Im glad that you (dis)like them 🙂


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