Astropatricks Day


An Astro-Pat-h today.  Its a classic Citadel model from the eighties.

An Astropath

An Astropath

According to the Warhammer 40,000 background, Astropaths wear green robes.  Im no jingoistic flag waver, but the staff and green robes provide ample and tenuous link for me to post a photo of one of these guys up today, St. Patricks day.

Saint Patrick

The miniature is the Astropath Yerl model from the early Rogue Trader era Adventurers release.  It is in many ways the classic Astropath model.

Somewhat obi-like.

Somewhat obi-like.

The modern Astropath model currently available (and due to appear here at some stage) appears to be an updated version of Yerl.  That was a good decision I think, as Yerl has a definitive look.

Astropaths O'Blivion and yerl

Astropaths O’Blivion and Yerl

I wanted the palette used on Astropath O’Blivion to carry through this model and into any further Astropaths that I paint.  I want my completed Astropathic Choir to have a visual coherency, despite being made up of non-uniformed character models.  That meant that in order to tie in with the previous model I had to use some red on Yerl, itself likely to generate some nice contrast.  I may have overdone it though.

Yerl and Navigator Heinlein

Yerl and Navigator Heinlein

The red on Yerl ended up on his satchel.  Its quite bright, probably too bright really.  In concert with the gold jewellery and the vaguely headscarf looking second green on the hood, the model looks a little more to me like it is holding a twentieth century handbag rather than some sort of futuristic dark age satchel.  I am going to leave it for now, but I may go back an change it if it bugs me enough to warrant alteration.

A Navigator, an Astropath and a Sensei walk into a bar...

A Navigator, an Astropath and a Sensei walk into a bar…


20 Responses

  1. Nice figs. The red works well for me.

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    • I wasnt sure when I first applied the red, late in the painting process, but I think that I got away with it, barely.

      Thanks for the feedback Danny.


  2. Sometimes you just have to be fabulous. The material on his ‘dress’ looks expensively understated, an elegant classic, but the bright red on his bag says ‘I know how to have fun too’. All up the effect isn’t too garish and I think the opportunity for humerous game moments will outweigh any misgivings you may have, in time 😉 great work as usual 😀

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    • The red looked a lot flatter and more garish in a snap that I too when it was WIP, but I decided that it was good enough. Best to move on ti the next, marginally less fabulous thing.

      Thanks for the feedback Captain.


  3. You succumbed to putting some colours on Yerl then? Great job, even though your staff is the wrong colour 😉

    I love the skin tone, although I confess the lime green hood disconcerts me a little – I put it down to my own interpretation that the hood was part of the robe. My favourite touch is actually the parallel lines on the staff – adding a little touch of interest. The satchel looks fine to me BTW 🙂

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    • Thanks Axiom.

      As we discussed when you painted your copy of this model, canonically an Astropaths staff should indeed be white.

      Rather than repaint the staff on the first Astropath in light of this rediscovered information I decided to add white elements to that characters cane: the white stripes that you mentioned. I followed that motif through on the second model as a nod to the canonical requirement for white staffs.

      The hood (and the waist tie) definitely looked to me to be part of the robe, not that that precludes different colours and patterns on it obviously, lots of modern and I suspect far future garments feature more than one colour. I decided to add a second green for three reasons 1) to tie it in with the Astropath that I had already painted, 2) to add visual interest to a relatively plain model and 3) to distinguish it from other treatments of the same model. Although your Astropath is the only other Yerl that I am likely to get a game in alongside. Hmmm, a BOYL game featuring ten Astropaths – some sort of Astropathic convention – might be entertaining.

      I could have painted some sort of pattern on the robe in the lighter green, but I figured that using the contours on the model would make it easier to define, so I went with the front of the hood.

      I have added a rear shot to the post. It shows the bow and the hood a little better. Its worth noting that the hood isnt entirely the brighter, St Patricks Day green.

      I appreciate all feedback from another Astropathiphile 🙂


  4. Fantastic job, I really like the supplementary images too 🙂

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    • Thanks Matthew.

      I try to pop in a few other appropriate models into the photos when appropriate. I see very many images of unpainted models from that era and a small number of images of models form that era painted long ago, so I try to air the recent paint jobs on things like the Navigator whenever I can.

      Im glad that you like it 🙂


  5. Nice work! I too think the red works really very well 🙂

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    • Technically the red should work well alongside the green, thats colour theory 101. The issue was more that the bag looked distractingly incongruous to me initially, but looked more acceptable when I came back to it with fresh eyes a few hours later.

      It shows what I know about fashion 😉

      Thanks for the feedback Warburton!


      • Indeed, I suppose the oddness is that it looks pretty much exactly like he is carrying a red leather ladies’ handbag! 😉

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      • I was given to understand that red/green, while complementary, are also risky because they’re “Christmas colours” so if using them together you should understate one if the other is bright. Honestly though, I didn’t see a problem here. He actually matches the fun cartoony style of your other characters.

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        • The Xmas thing is definitely important to keep in mind. Its depressing when something like that only dawns toward the end of a paint job. I do think that I got away with it this time though.

          I agree that in context, the guys fits in just fine. Considering i was painting it late while finishing off a bottle of wine and therefore potentially more prone to doing something rash, the model is a testament to the notion of “sleeping on it”.

          Thanks for the feedback No Such Agency 🙂


  6. Just the name “Astropatrick” is enough fo rme to love this model. You didn’t even hae to give it a proper paintjob but you did it nonetheless. And when I say proper I mean fabulous.
    with his red leather strap , his golden watch hanging and his fancy black staff, you immediately see Yeri knows how to parteh.

    You make me want to paint my astrochoir of one.

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    • Yerl is something of an introspective sort Im guessing, but not averse to letting his hair down from time to time for sure.

      You should paint your Astropath JB. Which one is it?

      Thanks for the feedback.


  7. I think he looks great. That model has a very nicely sculpted face, incidentally. What’s an astropath doing with a satchel anyway? What’s he got in there, 2 ham sarnies and a flask of tea?

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    • I reckon Yerl has his gold lamé sandals in his bag after a a late evening stroll on the beach while listening to Glen Medeiros.

      The model does have a particularly nice face, it has long been the element that drew me to the figure. It is nice to have finally painted it after waiting since the eighties. The bittersweet taste of nostalgia is potent.

      Thanks for the feedback Mr S. There is room for improvement in the painting, but its definitely both good enough and finished, ready to game with.


  8. Great looking mini. Love the look and feel of your blog. Would you mind if I share some of your work on my blog if I accredit and post links?

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