Better than perfect…

I dont tend to put external videos up here.  I prefer this blogs content to be almost exclusively about my processed hobby items/events, not anything else.

Nonetheless, I want to put this ninety second clip that I have been pondering for a week or so up anyway: it is very hobby relevant and applicable to how I approach my toy soldier output.

Regular scheduling now resumes.




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  1. Done is good, done is very good as it means I have one less thing to paint but perfection drives me on or rather an attempt to achieve a higher ability at what I do. Perfection is unattainable in my eyes but it is a driving force of sorts. We all aspire to greater things but as long as I have fun getting there and somebody else enjoys its that’s enough of a perfection for me. Nice video.

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  2. Wow, the video touched me. Absolutely agree, but I love how is that put in these terms. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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    • I dont even 100% agree with everything in it (similarly to Asslessman below), but its a great little video.

      Im glad that you liked it Suber 🙂


  3. Nicely summarised in that video, is also the sentiment I am trying to bring into my life in terms of hobby and work and everything really!

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    • Yep, it sums up the 80/20 rule and the phenomenon of diminishing returns quite well. It applies to more than toy soldiers for sure.


  4. Would have loved to see that a long time ago. It actually takes time that quantity AND quality at the extreme are antagonising but that a right balance can be good.
    I’d just balance things a bit because trying to aim at “better” if not at perfection, does help and being too easily satisfied can lead to things being mechanical and hence less fun (imho, ymmv, etc).

    This is a great reminder though that things done means room made for new stuff.

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    • The one issue that I have with the video is that the concept of a minimum standard isnt addressed. The idea of selling crap work as “done” isnt the idea. We all know the difference between “could be better” and “not good enough”.

      But thats a nitpick, Its a good little video.


      • I’ve thought about that too but I think the idea behind it is that doing something leads you to do something else afterward and make it better form what you’ve learnt. It’s more about learning in the process without limiting your creativity rather than doing something too farfetched from the beginning you’re unlikely to finish.

        Or at least that’s what I understand and like about it.

        There’s actually more than just creative hobbies implication sin that philosophy…

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  5. Amen to that.

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  6. Nice little video and commentary on “perfection” but I think a lot or even most of us here like to indulge our OCD on both continual improvement and those fiddly little details that we know no-one else will ever see (or notice), Whether it’s that final, final highlight on some skeletons, or painting the interior or underside of a vehicle – *We* know it’s there, done, and done well.

    On the other hand, when it comes to batch-painting blocks of troops, I’m happy to be down with his philosophy.. 😉

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    • Agreed on all counts.

      I think that my and I suspect your approach to it is because its a hobby rather than a job. Hobbies are indulgent things by nature, so the occasional flight of fancy is inherent.

      But if I am actually trying to get something done, to a brief of some sort (even if self set), a philosophy like that in the video is how I try to approach it.


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