Warpcon 2014 – DreadBall


Warpcon” has been my local con since my school days.  I have attended the majority of times that the event has taken place over the twenty four years that it has been running.

In addition to playing a few casual games with old friends, I often try to run a game/tournament of something at Warpcon to keep me busy.  With 2013 being the year of DreadBall at Chateau Sho3box the obvious choice this time was to run a day-long DreadBall tournament.


DreadBall is a great game to run at events.  It requires little table space, play time is relatively short at under an hour and a half (often much less than that), the rules are tight and the gameplay is often nail-biting.  Im a fan.


We had six players for the event – which isnt bad considering the size of the con and general geographical stuff – so we played a short series of games followed by a six player game of Ultimate due to demand from the players.  All of the games ran pretty smoothly.


The tournament drew a few onlookers as the day progressed.  Insisting on painted teams always helps a lot with that.  The vibrant palette used with the game is also a draw I think.  The kaleidoscopic Ultimate (multi-player) pitch, complete with six teams of bugs, lobster-squid, humans, orks, goblins, grey aliens and rat-men jostling for position regularly looks entertainingly chaotic enough to draw comment.  Thats a good thing.






All photos courtesy of Nick at Canvassing Cork who didnt let his unbeaten record while playing during the day limit his photography duties.  Thanks also to PB, who always does a lot of the heavily-lifting and scoreboard stuff when we get our DreadBall on.

Thanks guys!


4 Responses

  1. Great to hear it went well, Paul. Well done!


  2. Looks like a good con and a good game. That dreadball game looks very promising and the miniatures are all nicely painted up. Are they all Mantic or mixed?


    • DreadBall is a very streamlined rule set. It only takes a game or two to get the hang of it and after that it rarely requires reference to the rulebook.

      If you can then you should give the game a try. A single team is a straightforward, finite project to get painted and DreadBall the sort of game that can be played without disrupting your primary hobby focus, whatever that might be. I thoroughly recommend it.

      The miniatures shown are exclusively Mantic DreadBall miniatures. I have a handful of miniatures from a couple of sources that I use alongside the Mantic stuff from time to time, but my group and I more or less exclusively use the official miniatures.

      There are pros and cons to the official range, but when they are painted to a decent level the game looks great and is as much fun to play as any other miniature game that I can think of.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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