Going to Salute 2012

In a display of blatant disregard for:

  • my finances
  • my hilariously unreflexive promises-to-self regarding ratio of painted miniatures to unpainted miniatures owned

…I have decided to attend Salute on Saturday next.  This year I will be accompanied on my trip to London by a gaming crony (MT) rather than my wife, which is probably a better plan overall really.

If anyone reading this is attending Salute and also interested in briefly meeting up to say hi and pose for a self-conscious photo then let me know and we can arrange something.

Like last year I plan to take a whole heap of snaps and post them up here afterwards, probably on Monday, but maybe on Sunday if I am not too fried.

For any interested, my shopping list features:

  • an obscene number of Judge Dredd related figures (because I gotta catch em all this time, as I missed them in the mid 2000s and it ate away at me on the inside)
  • sci-fi city terrain bits (because I promised myself a half decent looking non-gothic sci-fi city terrain set in 1989 and it simply has to happen some time soon)
  • some L4D infected figures (because even though I have already converted/painted up figures to represent L4D infected therefore making this purchase largely redundant, I still want the new Studio Miniatures ones.  Look no further for evidence of my stupidity)
  • Mantics “Project Pandora” not-Space Hulk game (because I will happily buy pretty much any sci-fi dungeon crawl game).
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