Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi

The Baron here was bought and painted for use as a zombie master in a variety of games.  The figure will also do well as a wyrd (psyker) for my Necromunda Goliath gang should I ever need one.

The paint job isnt great, a little like the assassin that I painted around the same time.  I am still getting back on the proverbial horse regarding my painting, which has suffered somewhat after the big slump that I had for the latter half of 2011.

More upbeat than one might expect.

Anyway, in the interest of getting my productivity back up I painted the figure to the standard shown, got frustrated with various elements and decided to leave it as shown.  Its ok, but could be better.  Story of my life.

Figures that facilitate mid-game Live and Let Die quotes > figures that dont facilitate mid-game Live and Let Die quotes in my experience.


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  1. The Baron came out okay!

    Time to do a little scenario where he has raised some zombies to do his bidding!!!


    • Thanks lordsiwoc.

      The Baron isnt my best work, but as I had had the figure sitting around for a few years it was good to get him ready for gaming with all the same.

      I am not sure when my next zombie game will be played, but as Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is coming out on Xbox in a few weeks. Playing that is likely to get my enthusiasm for a zombie miniatures game up a bit. The Baron is highly likely to feature when I do manage get a living impaired game in.


  2. Hi. I know this is a very old comment, but can you remember the company of the miniature? I’m searching a baron samedi miniature but I can’t find…

    Thanks in advance

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