Pulp Alley/Inquisitor Multiplayer

Still smarting from his failure to thwart ork Warboss Frangks efforts to release the power of the Ragna Rock, Inquisitor Verhoeven has focussed is considerable resources on determining the greenskins next move.  The Warboss has proven to be a cunning opponent .  The Inquisitor must at the very least keep Frangk contained on Krellborn IX until Imperial military […]

Pulp Alley Inquisitor – The Ragna Rock Pt 3

 =][=nquisitor –The Ragna Rock – Act 3 “The Final Countdown”

Pulp Alley Inquisitor – The Ragna Rock Pt 2

  =][=nquisitor The Ragna Rock – Act 2 – “Welcome to the Jungle” Yeah, even as pulp titles go, its a bit literal… ————

Pulp Alley Inquisitor – The Ragna Rock Pt 1

  Last weekend PB and I explored more of the arse-end of the 40K universe in miniature.  The quest for the Ragna Rock was realised using the Pulp Alley rule set.  This proved to be the best gaming decision that either of us has made for quite some time…  =][=nquisitor The Ragna Rock – Act 1 -“Where the […]

Pulp 40k Alley: Firebase Fracas

Human/alien hybrids with 1980s synth pop affectations, motile and monosyllabic trees, fascist space-halflings, moustachioed mankini garbed ork geniuses and rapid fire ion blaster wielding anthropomorphic raccoons and a load of robots are only some of the things that collided at Firebase RB96 last Saturday.


“Hey, are you interested in a cartoon/comic/movie about Teenage Mutant Turtles?” “No way!” “What if they were ninjas?” “SOLD!” I am a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan.  I have wanted to paint TMNT toy soldiers for years, but I never found the right project to slot them into.  Until now.

Killer Robot Drones

Some very quick paint jobs on some small but nice rank and file miniatures today, some drones to accompany my more heroic types.

Decent Exposure

Sometimes good things happen.  One of todays good things is finding out that my corner of internet toy soldier-dom got a small but complimentary mention in an article in Miniature Wargames Magazine #381. MW381_P39 I havent got my hard copy of the magazine yet (although I have my people working on that) but this is what […]

2014 = 144 Painted Miniatures

I got 144 miniatures painted in 2014.  It is a pretty decent total.   Some of the items in the tally are small, quickly painted affairs while others are far more significant in terms of their size and the corresponding resources that they demanded.  I figure that those differing subjects balance out in general, so each […]

Eldar Exodite Plans

I am working on Exodites at the moment.  None of the project elements are fully finished yet, but progress has been made.  This post is an exercise in getting a number of my thoughts down in one place, so it might meander a bit.  Here goes…