Pulp Alley 40K: “Exit Strategy”

Genestealer hybrids, ratling tyrants and immoral scientists all experience a transdimensional audit with extreme prejudice, while simultaneously hopping from mega city to graveyard, and from planet to planet.

Pulp Alley Apocalypse War (and PA40k)

I hosted a gaming weekend this weekend, with Just John, Mr Saturday and PB in attendance.  Pulp Alley games were centre stage, with one of the encounters including models from the Judgement Day project that Mr Saturday and I are currently engaged in.

Inquisitor/Pulp Alley: Final Boarding

After the ork pirates and the evil human mercenaries finished stealing each others wheels they went to the spaceport.  This is what happened next.

Inquisitor/Pulp Alley: Backside Roasting

Just before Xmas PB and I got together for a couple of games of Pulp Alley set somewhere in the armpit of the 40k universe.  For the first game we particularly wanted to try out the PA vehicle rules.  This is how it went.

Inquisitor/Pulp Alley: Shore to Ship

The follow up to the Lost in Translation game that I documented a little while ago, this installment features swarms of motile plant monsters, irradiated reptile-bugs and knee-high mechadendrite whipping cyborg monstrosities all competing for spaceshipwreck salvage.

Pulp Alley/Antares weekend.

I spent last weekend playing toy soldiers with Just John.  The games ended up having a somewhat festive (a science fantasy, post-apocalyptic, 2000AD, WWI, mash-up sort of festive) theme.  Some photos of the two Pulp Alley and single Beyond the Gates of Antares games that we played follow.

Inquisitor/Pulp Alley: Lost in Translation

Another Pulp Alley battle report, set in another of the Warhammer 40,000 universes musty armpits…

Inquisitor/Pulp Alley: Thermospheric Terror

Another rip-roaring, sci-fi game of Pulp Alley today, this time featuring the debonair, quip-cracking, buckle-swashing Archduke Ramirez Connery Bond and his adventuring companions versus the nefarious, drug-fueled mercenary forces of the Purgators.  It was also a great opportunity to get my first game in with my new Battle Systems interior terrain.

Inquisitor/Pulp Alley: Steel Trap

Being the report of the concluding battle in my portion of a blog narrative team-up with Maj. Guiscard of The Governor General of Sector Six, featuring techno-arcane castles surrounded by jungle, tough guys who put on sunglasses while walking away from explosions, an evil mecha-pooch, daring not-so-escapes, more explosions, strong female leads that get the job done reliably, […]

Inquisitor/Pulp Alley: Beyond the Grave

The first of two transblog, transatlantic, Flat Stanley crossover AARs today as the Emissaries of Sector Six attempt to locate the missing Inquisitor Verhoeven and determine the source of the Sector Six xenos attack.