“Ruined Land – Scourged Forest” Zuzzy Gaming Mat

As a companion piece to the step by step that I posted about my Wounded City Zuzzy mat, I figured that I would put up a few shots of the process that I went through with for my Scourged Forest mat. For many years I have usually had some way to represent green areas in […]

Gorkamorka Project

CLICK HERE to see all of my Gorkamorka related progress since I wrote this post… boyz, vehicles, forts, buildings, terrain etc Gorkamorka is a skirmish game system that GW brought out in 1997.  It has very similar mechanics to Necromunda but with the notable addition of vehicle rules that involve a little bit of risk […]

Foam Rocks

Possibly a bit of an odd post to start with after a while away, but the likelyhood is that anyone reading knows what to expect here anyway 🙂 What follows is a description of the rather haphazard creative process that went into making some quick scenic pieces for my pulp sci-fi and post apocalyptic miniature […]

Stargrave: Dead or Alive – Under a Blood Red Sky

The science-fiction variant of Frostgrave was officially released yesterday, so I played a game.

Stargrave Town: Mos Xcellent

I’m excited about the upcoming release of Stargrave, so I dropped everything else that I was working on for a while, struck while enthusiasm was high, and put my own spin on a bucket list set of terrain.

Necron Khameron Dynasty

Ancient android systems pulse with obscene power, ready to party like its 1998.

Pulp 40k Alley: Firebase Fracas

Human/alien hybrids with 1980s synth pop affectations, motile and monosyllabic trees, fascist space-halflings, moustachioed mankini garbed ork geniuses and rapid fire ion blaster wielding anthropomorphic raccoons and a load of robots are only some of the things that collided at Firebase RB96 last Saturday.


Not the thick-necked gentlemen performing security duties at a venue, but a peculiar bit of Rogue Trader alien wildlife weirdness with some lo-fi execution.  Hold on to your valuables, here we go…

The Day the Law was Tried

MT, PB and I got together for a days worth of miniature gaming last Saturday.  We decided to focus on the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game this time.

Land War in Asia Competition

Donogh at Land War in Asia is running a fun competition.  One of the criteria for entry is that I highlight three of the posts from his blog here. 1) First up is a shot from a recent post about modern Afghanistan gaming.  The only modern gaming that I do involves zombies, so its safe […]