Public Convenience

A couple of years ago while I was working on a lot of zombie and survivor miniatures I bought a pair of miniature resin portaloos/portapottys from Fenris Games.  These were planned for use as respawn/reinforcement points in L4D inspired zombie games.  I never got around to painting them though.  Until now that is.

Da Captive

When playing Gorkamorka a couple of years ago, I noted that it would be convenient and kinda funny to have a dedicated model to represent “Da Captive” that crops up in a few of the scenarios.  After the days gaming was done, while we sat in the man-cave having a couple of drinks and shooting-the-shit, […]

Zomtober 2013 #2

Following on from my first Zomtober entry last week, its a mutant zombie today.  

Going to Salute 2012

In a display of blatant disregard for: my finances my hilariously unreflexive promises-to-self regarding ratio of painted miniatures to unpainted miniatures owned …I have decided to attend Salute on Saturday next.  This year I will be accompanied on my trip to London by a gaming crony (MT) rather than my wife, which is probably a better […]

2011 So Far

I have been preoccupied with a number of non-toy soldier related issues for the last couple of months.  Some of the distractions have been dull real life things but others (like a holiday in the US and various Xbox things) have been very pleasant.  The downside of course is that the hobby stuff suffers. In […]

Running out of Patients Pt 3

A post regarding the authors penultimate batch of patient zombies, where a twentieth century attitude to the wearing of pink garments by men is revealed. Although I am sure that many real life male patients are forced to wear pink/peach arse-exposing gowns whilst in hospital, I wasnt going to subject any of my male hospital […]

Things that make you go “Boom” Pt1

A small post today, with a rather hastily taken photo too. When making my Spawn Points recently I took the opportunity to put together a few other smaller terrain/scenario items, all of which fill the roles of the exploding barrel trope (is that the right use of that word?)  popularised in computer games. All of […]