Thorns of the Briar Queen

Painting the Sepulchral Guard was fun, so I got stuck into another undead Underworlds warband immediately afterwards.

Dire Straits Covers Michael Bay in Unexpected Seamen

For twenty five years I have resisted the call of the miniature, zombie pirate… but no longer!

Choose Your Own Adventurers #15: Rex O’Thermic, Squat Engineer

Assuming possession of two functioning hands, only a weirdo wears a single glove.

Get to the Chopper! – O’Hammerer Brocon 2014: Pt1

theottovonbismark, MrSaturday, Just John and I met up at a Limerick convention last weekend to play a few games.  This is how it went.

L’Oreal Wangst: Eldar Outcast

“My space elf has no nose.” “How does he smell?” “Like a healthy, affluent woman after a week long spa treatment.”

Cthellean Cudbear

Deadlines: Hostile Corporate Takeover of the Living Dead Pt 1

Preamble After last weeks diatribe regarding the build up and preparatory work for the zombie apocalypse segment of a recent gaming weekend, the report of the game itself follows as promised. For info regarding the terrain and why it looks the way it does check out the previous zombie game report as I want to […]

Running the Zombie Gauntlet

  A few weeks ago a MT (a long time gaming buddy) and I decided to try out frequent LAF contributor AKULAs zombie apocalypse rules, AR:SE (available for free HERE).  The rules are simple and provide for automated movement for the zombies, like computer game “bots”.  This appealed to the two of us because it […]