Pulp Alley 40K: “Exit Strategy”

Genestealer hybrids, ratling tyrants and immoral scientists all experience a transdimensional audit with extreme prejudice, while simultaneously hopping from mega city to graveyard, and from planet to planet.

Pulp Alley Inquisitor – The Ragna Rock Pt 1

  Last weekend PB and I explored more of the arse-end of the 40K universe in miniature.  The quest for the Ragna Rock was realised using the Pulp Alley rule set.  This proved to be the best gaming decision that either of us has made for quite some time…  =][=nquisitor The Ragna Rock – Act 1 -“Where the […]

Deadlines: Hostile Corporate Takeover of the Living Dead Pt 2

This report follows on from last Wednesdays post, visible here. ———————————————- In advance of the Regenerator the zombies lurched forward, wounding Anderson and Symes with their filthy clawing hands.  With the hissing Regenerator twitching forward on its palsied limbs things are looking bleak for Sigma Squad. The Regenerator moved suddenly and with a spasm spikes […]

Deadlines: Hostile Corporate Takeover of the Living Dead Pt 1

Preamble After last weeks diatribe regarding the build up and preparatory work for the zombie apocalypse segment of a recent gaming weekend, the report of the game itself follows as promised. For info regarding the terrain and why it looks the way it does check out the previous zombie game report as I want to […]