Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #6: Runtherd, Shoota, Choppa & Big Shoota

Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #5: Nob, Kannon, Choppa & Big Shoota

Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #4: Vintage Cybork, Yoofs & a Boy

Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #3: Motive Cyborks

Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #2: Frankenork, Boyz & Yoof

Continuing coverage of my Gorkamorka project, here are some more ork boyz. The guy on the right in the shot above is quite amusing to me.  For some variety in painting I decided to make a Frankensteins Monster ork.

Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #1: A Nob, a Yoof & two Boyz

My main project in production (rather than in the research and resource acquirement phase) is a mob of orks primarily intended for use in Gorkamorka.   Gorkamorka is a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic bumper-car fest where everyone is an ork and therefore largely immune to incoming bullets.  The plan is that this premise will provide much hilarity.  Heres hoping […]

Shadow War Armageddon

I have been playing a bit of Shadow War: Armageddon recently.

The Men/Orks/Squats Who Would Be Kings/Nobz/Hearthguard

Colonial wargaming in the grim darkness of the far future.

Pulp 40k Alley: Firebase Fracas

Human/alien hybrids with 1980s synth pop affectations, motile and monosyllabic trees, fascist space-halflings, moustachioed mankini garbed ork geniuses and rapid fire ion blaster wielding anthropomorphic raccoons and a load of robots are only some of the things that collided at Firebase RB96 last Saturday.

Ninja Goblins from Space

  Some bigger, faster, stronger gretchin and their sensei-shepherd today.