Zombie Spawn Points

These two are numbers seven and eight of the eight strong zombie spawn points project.  The rest of the zombie spawn points were posted as Zombies of the Week if you fancy a more in-depth look at any of them. The remaining two dont really qualify under that tag so I have put them here […]

C.D. Business

I am currently playtesting a Ganesha bug-hunt game called “Swatters”.  Unlike the majority of Ganeshas games Swatters is squad rather than skirmish based.  Squads and various terrain and objective elements in Swatters are defined by a “Cohesion Distance”, conveniently represented by an old compact disc. As can be seen by the ugliness of the shiny […]

Swatters Playtest 1

Inspired by what Mikko at dawnofthelead has been doing with his “Utopia” campaign, last week I contacted Ganesha Games to find out when their dedicated bug-hunt rule set “Swatters” was due to be released.  Ganesha told me that the rules were close to finished but required some further playtesting.  I volunteered to get involved in the process as […]

Malifaux: Objectives

Malifaux play is geared around “Schemes” and “Strategies”.  While there are a small number of these that are based on simply battering the opponents forces, most involve holding areas or moving certain items.  These objectives are represented in game by 30mm diameter bases. The treasure chests above were purchased in Games Workshop, Oxford St, London way […]

Things that make you go “Boom” Pt1

A small post today, with a rather hastily taken photo too. When making my Spawn Points recently I took the opportunity to put together a few other smaller terrain/scenario items, all of which fill the roles of the exploding barrel trope (is that the right use of that word?)  popularised in computer games. All of […]

Deadlines: Hostile Corporate Takeover of the Living Dead Pt 1

Preamble After last weeks diatribe regarding the build up and preparatory work for the zombie apocalypse segment of a recent gaming weekend, the report of the game itself follows as promised. For info regarding the terrain and why it looks the way it does check out the previous zombie game report as I want to […]

Dr Javad

Dr Javads plan has succeeded, although he had not planned to martyr himself just yet.  That part was an accident. The weaponised zombified test subjects contained in units Z7 and Z8 are already entering the first stages of reanimation and will soon strike against the infidels like the holy weapon of God. Dr Javad is […]

Public Convenience

A couple of years ago while I was working on a lot of zombie and survivor miniatures I bought a pair of miniature resin portaloos/portapottys from Fenris Games.  These were planned for use as respawn/reinforcement points in L4D inspired zombie games.  I never got around to painting them though.  Until now that is.

Back To The (Grim, Dark) Future Pt3

Part 1 is here and part 2 is here. Using the last game for rules of thumb we decided to throw points values out of the window.  We then tweaked the scenario to represent the disruption by Harlequins of a daemonic summoning ritual by the Sin-Eaters. The main reason for that scenario was that I […]

Running the Zombie Gauntlet

  A few weeks ago a MT (a long time gaming buddy) and I decided to try out frequent LAF contributor AKULAs zombie apocalypse rules, AR:SE (available for free HERE).  The rules are simple and provide for automated movement for the zombies, like computer game “bots”.  This appealed to the two of us because it […]