The Lost City of Exactamundo Pt 8: Dragonfate Dais

Possibly my favourite piece from the current Age of Sigmar terrain range is this levitating sacrificial altar.

When Age of Sigmar debuted, the terrain pieces that came out immediately caught my eye.

The Realmgate looked nifty and is a fun take on the sort of familiar trope that I like my games to mine.

The Ophidian Archway grew on me due to the narrative relief elements that suggest bygone cultures.  Really, it’s kinda mysterious.

When things spin, science happens so the Numinous Occulum grabbed me straight away.  Even though it couldnt really spin in its current configuration.  But magic means thats all fine, no need to worry about that.

PBs g-g-g-ghosts haunt the dais in game…

Despite what all of the others kits have going for them, my favourite is the Dragonfate Dais.
It screams “Third act denouement!” to me, which obviously makes it a good narrative piece to use for dramatic scenarios.

…until forcibly removed by Ezekiel Windcharger, Prosecutor Prime of the Justified Ancients Stormhost

The floating staircase like design to support the platform is fun too. The appearance of levitation is the reason that I prefer the Dais to the others I think.

Check out the nifty floating staircase.

That’s nearly everything that I worked on in the Exactamundo project photographed and blogged.  There are a few more bits and pieces that I will put up before the end of the year though.


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  1. Great stuff mate – certainly got me looking at the range with fresh eyes 🙂

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    • Without a hint of brand loyalty or anything like that, I really like them. They are not like anything else on the market that I have come across.

      It’s worth noting that the Dais, the Occulum and the Archway have do not assemble as easily as the should. Being ruins, it didn’t bother me too much: I made them work with a little bit of effort.

      But it’s best to be aware if you do take the plunge and pick some up.

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      • I found the same with the Magewrath throne (still in the painting queue) – I get the feeling that terrain manufacturing is probably outsourced & not at the same level of quality control :-/

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        • All the terrain is manufactured in China while the minis are made in Nottingham. Cheaper but you get what you pay for I guess.

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          • I don’t know where the Magewrath Throne was manufactured, but the Storm of Magic hit stores a number of years before AoS. The kits “feel” different in quality and how they are supplied (on sprue versus bagged components).

            To give you an idea, the Throne assembles far better than the AoS kits.

            Interestingly, the Realmgate – the one design from the AoS batch that doesn’t have assembly issues – dates back to the Storm of Magic. In in the background of at least one of the photos from back then.

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            • I’m pretty sure the Magewrath Throne is made in China too. I think I looked it up when I put the piece together last year.

              Some Chinese stuff come on sprue too. But you are absolutely correct about the troubles putting AoS terrain together. I did the Occulum this summer, the gaps were 1-2 mm wide at places.

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              • Those sets do not go together well. They are worth the effort I think, they look interesting and unique, plus they don’t need to square off as much as an intact building would, so the gaps are tolerable.

                They should be better, but to me they are worth it anyway 🙂

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  2. Another great piece!

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  3. Another impressive piece of terrain! The bronze/stone theme really works to suggest an ancient, powerful civilization.

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    • Thanks Al!
      I was trying to get get the right balance, not tying it specifically to a setting but still not being too generic.

      The Soulblight Necropolis mat that these are photographed on came out after I had committed to a colour scheme, but the purple wash on the bronze is brought out quite well by the mat. It helps with the atmosphere.


  4. Really cool stuff man

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  5. That is great! When will we see all of your Exactamundo stuff put together and garnished with a helping of miniatures?

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    • Thanks Mikko!

      I’ll try to get a few half decent images taken of the whole lot, but I have trouble lighting and photographing a gaming table compared to a few elements.

      But it would be nice to get a few decent pictures of the lot. I’ll try this side of Xmas.

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  6. Oh, I didn’t even know of this piece, it’s pretty impressive. What a collection you have by now!

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    • Thanks Suber.

      Exactamundo covers a large chunk of table now, plenty really.

      I would like to add some wrecked carts and things to cause obstructions in the streets alongside these next.


  7. Excellent! It is a pleasingly over the top outrageous piece of terrain, fit to shock the conscience of polite society.

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  8. An impressive project. Of the pieces, my favorite is the Archway, although I liked the various other more gonzo pieces a lot more when you worked on them than in their original GW paint jobs.

    What are your forthcoming pieces? A few generic ruined wall chunks would probably help to round this collection out a bit.

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    • I have a small number of ruined bits and pieces to add, a few broken walls etc. I would like to have a few more bits of ground level scatter.

      The final piece to display is arguably the most gonzo of them all, the Magewrath Throne.

      I’m glad that you liked the way that these turned out. I’m pleased with them too, they are relatively colourful will still being grey.

      As I mentioned above, the Archway grew on me as I painted it, but I as it is essentially a very generic shape it will never be as appealing to me as the Occulum for example. I do like it though.

      Thanks for the feedback!


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