Chompers: Dinoproof Ogryn Celeb


Ex-military, dinosaur hunting, reality show star and future Inquisitorial hench-abhuman reporting for duty.


Ogryn by the magnificent Mark Gibbons.

Warhammer 40,000 started out as classic fantasy species, in spaaaace.  Lord of the Rings of Saturn was the working title until scant weeks before Rogue Trader was printed in fact*.

Some species were integrated into the setting well, while others felt like someone had simply handed a character from Hawk the Slayer a laser gun.  I liked this in some instances and not so much in others.

Four things in particular made me board the astro-ogre appreciation train when I was about thirteen:

  1. Jetbike Grabbing
A ogryn waving a jetbike around by the peachy Pete Knifton.

A ogryn waving a jetbike around by the peachy Pete Knifton.

Ogryns can grab jetcycles as they fly past and then play whack-a-biker using the vehicle in place of a hammer.  In a game about fighting, this is excitingly OTT fighting.

2) Bob Olley Ogryn Sculpts

Bob Olley Ogryn sculpts.

Possibly equalled since, but yet to be topped.

Before I knew who Bob Olley was, I knew his distinctive sculpting style. It came together on these ogryns definitively.  Absolutely iconic.

3) Ripper Guns

Ogryn Ripper Gun

Ogryn Ripper Gun

Originally limited to Imperial “BONEhead” (Biochemical Ogryn Neural Enhancement) ogryn squad leaders, the ripper gun description as a cross between a giant tommy-gun and an oversized, metal, baseball bat stuck with me.  The weapon is as uncomplicated as the vaguely lovable ogryns themselves.

4) RAWR!

One of my very favourite Warhammer 40,000 illustrations ever, by the Pan-galactic Paul Bonner.

One of my very favourite Warhammer 40,000 illustrations ever, by the pan-galactic Paul Bonner.

The combination of 20th century military tropes with fantasy species has rarely been as irresistible as it is in the image above.  One of my favourite 40k illustrations of all time.  It has ogryns in it.

So I like ogryns.  After picking up Chompers from Just John in 2015, I recently felt an urge to paint the figure in anticipation of an upcoming game of Dinoproof.


Click on the image to be taken to the Dinoproof site.

Dinoproof is a game about reality TV stars hunting dinosaurs for celebrity status, cash and endorsements.  Its set in a dinopocalyptic Earth, but as soon as I heard about it I fancied setting it on an Imperial fringe world, making more varied “Dino Slayer” models fit in.

Chompers is the one that I have decide to pin my flag to for now.


Khaki is a classic safari colour, so I figured that would be a fun approach.  I dont recall seeing an ogryn in khaki before.

I decided to try a dark skin tone largely based on this tutorial. I went with a military green finish on the weapon, to keep a vaguely plausible vibe and then blew all notions of that away with a massive set of bright orange shades (tapping the very skilled Curis for guidance).

Overall I am quite pleased with how Chompers has turned out.

Im looking forward to seeing how he performs on camera when headbutting a charging pachycephalosaurus.
Im certain that he will bring his own brand of problem solving to the entourage of Inquisitor Verhoeven not long afterwards.

Some missions require a light touch, precision and subtlety. Some dont.

Some missions require a light touch, precision and subtlety. Some dont.

* lying


51 Responses

  1. Olleytastic.

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  2. I love your write-ups, and Chompers looks exactly as he should. Those shades are brilliant!

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    • Thanks Mikko, I am quite pleased with him 🙂

      I enjoy the write ups to be honest. Its hard to know if they are just going to be indulgent blah-blah or actually provide value. But they help me get my head around things.

      Im glad that you got something out of it.

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  3. Those glasses are marvellous. Truly top notch painting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Curtis 🙂

      I made a little bit of extra effort with those. It paid off nicely.


    • Yes, the goggles and the teeth are my favourite parts. There’s a lot to like in this seemingly uncomplicated figure.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It was a nice model to paint too. Very caricatured, almost to a 15mm level in some respects. That doesnt always make a model more fun to paint, but this one certainly was.

        Im glad that you like it Allison, thanks for the feedback 🙂


  4. Brilliant, in particular the glasses are quite literally so.

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    • 🙂

      I didnt paint the shades until last. I had a fair idea that the orange would look good, but I wasnt sure how the glare etc would work out.

      But it all came together nicely in the end!

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  5. A welcome return to SciFi with a classic miniature, beautifully painted. Those shades…I’m speechless!!

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    • High praise indeed Axiom, thanks.

      Fantasy is only ever a fling for me. Science fiction/fantasy on the other hand is my bread and butter. After not painting any sci-fi for a year its really interesting to go back to it, see what I missed, see what I didnt etc.

      Im glad that you approve of Chompers.


  6. Superb fresh take on a classic. Loving the homage to the great illustrators that shaped the galaxy.

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    • Thanks Subedai!

      I try not to put too much unnecessary waffle in these posts, but sometimes its relevant. I think that its relevant here and that a certain portion of the audience will appreciate it.

      So its nice to know that those people are out there 🙂



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  8. Ripper guns and Bob Olley . . . .I’m sold!!

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  9. Hehe – I do love me an Olley Ogryn, and this guy literally rocks! Love those shades in particular, and nice job on the skin tone.

    I have fond memories of my first Olley Ogryn back in the day… Skrog was his name, and headbutting stuff was his game, (including one spectacularly unsuccessful attempt against an Ork dreadnought). Sadly, Skrog got lost to young adulthood… I’m going to have to rectify this situation 😉

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    • Im glad that you mentioned the skin Alex, as the shades are getting most of the attention. Im really pleased with the dark skin tone, it looks a bit better than the last time that I tried to paint it.

      Skrog sounds worthy of reincarnation. These old sculpts are fun.

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  10. Wow, man. Top notch. The colour combo (The skin!). The glasses! Gak, everything here looks so great!

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    • This is one of my more successful paint jobs I think Suber, so I am glad that a connoisseur of toy soldiers like you appreciates it.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  11. You have to love those old Ogryns. One of my proudest moments was realizing I’d sculpted myself a plausible Olley-style ripper gun for a conversion I’d been working on. You’ve done that one justice. And the shades . . . very nice touch. 🙂 I don’t doubt he’ll prove an irreplaceable addition to Verhoeven’s force.

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    • I remember that conversion, great stuff 😀

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    • Thanks symphonicpoet!

      I enjoy a few of the ogryn sculpts since the iconic Olleys. I reckon that the modern plastics are ok and that the metal versions that were available before that are the next best variety. I dont particularly like the 90s (Perry?) versions.

      No question that the Olleys are my favourite though.

      Verhoeven has been searching for some suitable muscle for a while now. Im looking forward to seeing what sort of personality Chompers develops as games progress.


  12. I want an Ogryn!! Great write up mate

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    I really miss that guy.

    Great job on Chompers. His headbutting is much looked forward to

    Liked by 1 person

    • Verhoeven took a back seat for most of 2016, due to my dalliance with fantasy projects Will. I did miss the cantankerous ol’ nazi-buster though.

      Im certain that he will make a few more appearances in 2017.

      I should be putting Chompers through his paces during the week with a bit of luck. If I do then I will post up some photos.

      Thanks for the feedback Will!


  14. ‘Lord of the Rings of Saturn’ sounds like a narrative that has gone straight through sci-fi and back out the other side to fantasy again. Like John Carter, only greener. I sort of want to make some saturnine space barbarians now…

    The ogryn is perfect for the chosen setting, and also perfect in general. Nice one! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Im glad the like the big lug Captain. Chompers will hit a gaming table near you at some point, Im sure of it.

      Lord of the Rings of Saturn sounds like a musical. On ice. Rings of ice.


  15. You sure do pick some great model’s Paul & really bring them to life, the game sounds very interesting & I’ll be following along to see how it turns out.

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    • Thats nice of you to say Frank, thanks.

      Im a Bob Olley fan and his ogryns are pretty definitive examples of his work. This model was a pleasure to paint really.

      Dinoproof is a simple ruleset aimed at multiplayer games. Im hopeful that it will generate a few laughs.

      Ill keep you up to date 🙂


  16. Sweet stuff in general, but those sun glasses are especially well-painted. Good job! I look forward to reading about the big chap swinging around on a T-Rex’s scrotum in due course.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dino gonad related shenanigans are more or less a given Argentbadger, although who knows?

      Its possible that Chompers may bite off more than he can chew.


  17. Stupendous work on those shades! I have this guy, and a few others kicking around in a box, and since I painted them approximately 19 years ago, they are quite dire. This makes me think I should pull them out and repaint them, rather than ignore them as I have been doing.

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  18. Awesome stuff. Glad to see that you’re just as big a fan of Ogryns as I am. 🙂

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  19. […] There’s a blog about sho3box’s DinoProof Ogryn here. […]

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  20. […] it happens, the compys were the models that bumped off my own character – Chompers – in their debut Dinoproof […]


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