Blackthumb: Techno Tribal, Positively Primal, Shamanic, Anarchistic, Archaic Revival


The first model of 2017 is this post apocalyptic, wise (alien) man.

I took part in a Secret Santa thing with my hobby buddies this year.  We were each sent a single miniature.  As we spend a frankly obscene amount of time talking about toy soldiers every day, it was assumed that when the names was drawn, the the donors would immediately know what sort of figure would be apt.

Keying directly off a project that I hope to squeeze into my 2017 plans, my gift was a lovely Brian Nelson ork “Spanner” from the Gorkamorka range.


I have a number of orks painted, but I dont ever really tire of painting them: I am keen on Citadel orks from more or less any era.   That said, I felt like a bit of a change of palette with this guy.


As the GoMo figures look a little more tribal and low tech than most of the orks that I have already, I reckoned that I would paint this gent as the start of a planned sub force of orks that will be suited for use in post-apoc games.  I reckon that I will be able to use them as a Snake Bite clan faction in the larger force too, the Snake Bites being an odd luddite faction of space-faring orks.


Its difficult to plan just about any post apocalyptic toy soldier project without thinking about Fury Road.  Im certainly not the first to do so and I definitely wont be the last either.
This time I really just went straight for it and lifted the “War Boys” colour scheme wholesale.

As I was painting the model in the distinctive white and black scheme, it occurred to me that I could field any finished future force of them as “White Spiders”.

The one source of info about the White Spiders that I am am aware of features in Waaargh the Orks, printed in 1990.  Its a single gorgeous piece of Paul Bonner art and a corresponding two pages of background.

The background piece is unclear as to whether the White Spiders are a clan or tribe of orks (a significant distinction fictional fact fans).  With a white colour scheme ripped off wholesale from the Warboys I have decided that they are a lesser clan.  Even if essentially they will be Snake Bites in game terms, that still makes them more fun.

Nazgrub Wurrzag proves inimicable to the concept or "window shopping".

Nazgrub Wurrzag proves inimicable to the concept or “window shopping”.


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  1. Tremendous work! (And good turnaround on the first miniature of 2017.) I’ll be on the lookout for more from the White Spiders.

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    • Thanks Patrick. Im trying to resist digging a few more out of the Lead Mountain while I still have other things to paint…


  2. Super bueno, what a start for 2017, oh and can’t help but notice the year starts with a sci-fi model… 😉

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    • Thanks A-Man. 2017 will likely have a mix of fantasy and sci-fi I think, depending on what grabs me as the year progresses.


  3. Great execution of a wonderful idea. That Warboy colour scheme fits the ork great.

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    • The very identifiable colour scheme is a good way to reference the movie. Painting some humans in that way will be fun, but it suits the orks particularly well I think.

      Im glad that you like it Mikko, happy new year!

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  4. Waaaagh! Brilliant job on dat warboy, it’s just as cool as I’d imagined a force of Mad Max inspired orks would be, and I’m super excited to see where you take it, so I’ve made you a to-do list:

    – more boyz
    – sum vehicles
    – that iota grot
    – moar vehicles
    – Tina Turnork

    2017 is going to rooooock!

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    • You even sent me a suitable grot to stick on bungees now that I think of it…

      Tina Turnork does sound like fun, but I have to at least attempt to pace myself. Gotta get some of the regular guys done first.

      And a squig catapult.

      And boarboyz.



  5. That’s an inspired mash-up! Very nice work on the weathering and warpaint. I’m joining the chorus demanding more of everything!

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    • Thanks Subedai.

      Painting that battered red is so very pleasant that I am considering painting an army like that sometime. I’ll come up with an idea I’m sure.

      I spent the morning trying to set myself an achievable short term goal for expansion.

      But after digging through the ork box I can state with certainty that I have MANY suitably barely civilised ork models to be getting on with…

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  6. Very cool. Love the black paint across the eyes.

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  7. The Spannerz are a great subset of Ork figures. I had a surplus of metal Mekaniaks in those days which I painted as Spannerz rather than buy any of these classics. Damn.

    The pale skintones work really nicely with the black.

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    • The Spanners are particularly nice models from that range.

      I off loaded a lot of GoMo models in 2000 or so, but I have a few to keep me going.

      The colour scheme did work out well, thanks Curis. I’m going to paint the a few more I think.


  8. Beautiful! Love the idea and execution, these models are perfect for both snake bites and post apo tribals.
    With the possible near release of necromunda I think they deserve their place in the painting line.
    The GoMo yoofs would be a nice entourage imo

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    • Thanks Suncar, Im glad that you like them.

      The Yoofs (and a couple of other GoMo boyz) have a very apt, gangly and wiry body shape that suits the War Boy look very well I think.

      I have one on the painting desk at the moment 🙂

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  9. I never really liked green orks anyway. White ones are much better! Love him – here’s to a dozen more!

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    • Maybe not a dozen, but I did manage to dig at large number of suitable figs out of the ork box. A Squig Catapult is crying out to me for some reason.

      Ill have to disagree about green orks though. I love a lurid green ork I do.

      Thanks Axiom!


  10. Charming mini, the white skin works perfectly. The idea of an albino Ork is so desperately good 😀

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  11. Superb mate, he looks bloody great in white!!

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  12. That a really nice take on how to paint Orks. Would totally fit in with the Gorka Morka vibe as well.

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    • The GoMo setting is that much closer to the Mad Max setting since Fury Road introduced some more esoteric elements, like Furiosas prosthetic limb.

      GoMo and Mad Max are almost fused into one for me in practical terms now.

      I do want to make an ork “Mad Makz” some time though…

      Thanks for the feedback Riot 🙂


  13. He looks really great! I especially like the weathering on the set of Stillson’s & the other metallic bit’s & bob’s…..very snazzy indeed 🙂

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    • I never heard the term “stillsons” before 🙂

      Honestly, I just love painting battered old pipe wrenches. It sounds absurd, but its the truth. That effect is straightforward to achieve and satisfying.

      Thanks for the feedback Optimus!


      • Brand association Cheetor. At least that’s what their known as in the trade here in Australia. Same as a “shifter” in Aus is known in the UK as a “cresent”. Horses for courses 🙂

        Anyway, the weathering rock on whatever the tool is 🙂

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  14. Very imaginative and great execution. These look fantastic and I’d love to get them on a tabletop

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  15. That’s great, are you going to include some “bloodbags” as well?

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    • Thats not a bad idea at all Will. I hadnt even considered it.

      For now I am trying to keep this project focused… get a handful of figs painted for it, ready to game with. Luxury items like living portable transfusion supplies will have to wait for a bit… but its very tempting to be honest 😀


  16. Happy new year. Very nice work there, it would be very cool indeed to see a whole Snakebite war-band done up like that 😉

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    • Happy new year to you too Warburton 🙂

      Its very tempting to assemble a small force of luddite orks… it could be the first project of 2017 at this rate.

      Baby steps first though.

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  17. Great color choice and paintjob: looks great!

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  18. I didn’t see a comment about the choice of post title! Cracking miniatures too!

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