This hi-tech space ape might be my last post of 2015…


As the appalled Administratum looks on, Inquisitor Jodorowsky takes full advantage of the xenos techno sorcery to further his own Machiavellian schemes.

I painted this figure months ago, but didnt get around to posting about it until just now.  Its a GW Jokaero released in the mid to late 2000s if I recall correctly.


The paint job didnt work out as well as I had hoped, so after it was initially “finished” I tweaked it here and there to make it a little better.  Its ok now, but its not my best work or anything.


I actually painted this model before I painted the other cyber ape from Ramshackle Games as Speed Raceorks simian sidekick “Chim-Chim”.


“And I will NEVER, EVER work with them again!” [SMASH CUT] [CANNED LAUGHTER]

With Inquisitor Verhoeven being my resident radical Ordo Xenos type, it seems likely that he will be spending the most time in the company of cyber-simians.


You pay astro-peanuts, you get techno-savant space monkeys.


“Ah, shurely shum short of shpaysh shimian” said Ramirez the Space Sensei.

Im hoping to get another post or two in before the end of the year, but no guarantees unfortunately.


I get an E.T. vibe from that finger.


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  1. Phenomenal! The glowing green effect is extremely convincing on this one. And it really suits the mood of the piece, giving the techno ape a rather eerie appearance. My only criticism would be that the reddish shrubbery on his base could use a bit more color variation, perhaps some lightly painted highlights or berries or something.

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    • I’m glad that you like the green No Such Agency. I was really quite unhappy with how it worked out initially (OSL techniques are still very much something that I am experimenting with).
      After some tweaking the OSL looked a bit better, but still not quite right to me, but it has got to the point that I can’t really see it anymore.

      I might go back to the model one more time to tweak the shrubbery.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Nice work! I was never really convinced by the space orang-utan look, but your use of colours here marks him as a ‘believable’ alien.

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    • I tried all sorts of colours on various cyborg ape models over the years, but they never worked out, the project stalling each time. Like you, I wasn’t sold on the space orangutan vibe for years either, but eventually decided to give it a go.
      I went for a blue in the highlights on the models visible skin. In conjunction with the various sci-fi knick-knacks, I like to think that the blue gives a slight otherworldly feel to the model, so that it doesn’t just look like a repurposed 20th century Earth ape. It’s slight though.
      The paint job is quite reserved considering my gaudy tastes really. Thanks for the feedback Subedai!


  3. That’s nuts Paul no one should make an ape look that good lol just in case it is the last post of the year happy newyear mate.

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  4. Very nice indeed. I’ve had one of these sat undercoated for several months, but waiting for me to work out a colour scheme. I’m wondering about very pale orange fur, but I’m not sure how to execute it.

    I particularly like the dark blue flesh. It really does frame the model nicely.

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    • The blue flesh was important for a few reasons I think. I didn’t want the model to be too naturalistic, and the blue adds a little pop.

      As I mentioned above, it took me a few false starts before I even got to a point where I was content with the fur. I used paler colours initially but struggled to get the high contrast look that I like.

      I’m sure that you will enjoy painting it though, it’s a very nice model. Thanks for the feedback Jon!


  5. Lovely job Paul, and a great way to cap the year – looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2016!

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    • Thanks Alex and right back at you. I have far more planned than I could squeeze into twenty years I reckon, so it will be interesting to see what bubbles to the top.


  6. Very cool; I love that last photograph in particular – very nicely set.

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  7. Your painting is getting better and better👍

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  8. Excellent paintjob. What you call ‘ok’, I call awesome. Very good belending and excellent OSL. The only thing you could improve is the basign as suggested, but that is only a minor thing that does not detract from your excellent work (and excellent presentation).


  9. This has been an inspiring year of random and really cool silliness from you and this jokaero is no exception. A tip of the hat to you, sir!

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    • A full year in review post will go up in a few days. 2015s output has been as varied as any if the last few years, but total is a bit lower I think. Some fun stuff though.
      Thanks for the feedback Mikko!


  10. Lovely as always, Paul! Now I need my own Jokaero family!

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    • I have a Jokaero family unit in the works José, im just not sure when it will et the attention that it deserves. Sooner rather than later I hope.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  11. Is that the metal casting, or Finecast? The Jokaero and Castellan Crowe were the final two metal miniatures Citadel released. I’m still hunting a metal Crowe.

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    • That’s a metal one.
      That’s also an interesting piece of trivia. That would make those two the only metal releases as part of that Grey Knight 5th ed Codex in 2011 I guess.
      It’s an interesting idea to booked the metal releases like that. Thanks for the feedback Curis!


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