Oh Hai Cassis


Eldar Outcast L’Oreal Wangst and newly psychically bonded gyrinx Cassis step from the “Free Candy” onto the surface of Imp.Reg: 450-495 “Kyaneos” under the watchful eye of Stern Woorning, a squat of questionable honour.

I painted another tiny space cat.

Im involved in an online RPG with some toy soldier buddies at the moment.  Its a lovingly prepared framework of shenanigans with the express purpose of encouraging us all to try to make each other laugh, in spaaace.  My character – L’Oreal Wangst: Eldar Outcast psychically bonded with a gyrinx recently, so I decided to paint one to match.

This was of course engineered by the GM, who knew that if he put a space cat in the game that I would go for it and that I would likely paint a model for it.  So I was either manipulated in an embarassingly transparent fashion or it was simply a win/win situation.  I choose to see it as the latter.


Cassis the Gyrinx. The photo is a bit grainy, sorry. Its a tiny model though: thats a 20mm diameter base.

“Cassis” was the smallest miniature feline that I could find in my “Familiars” box.  I cant even remember where I got it (if you know then please comment).  I think that its technically a “vampire cat”, hence the larger teeth than usual, barely visible in the grainy photo above.  Frankly the teeth are barely visible in hand either…


G.I.N.G.E.R, Steeljaw, renowned dreadball coach Mr. D’Arcy, ships gyrinx on the “Dirty Doubloon” Mr Scuttle, Paul, Friskers, Rampage.

My space cat miniature usual suspects to date are shown above (click the image to make them easier to see).


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  1. In just a few in-game weeks your connection will start to manifest as physical attribute improvements and your gyrinx will begin to reflect L’Oreal’s appearance and personality. So we get to put up with a purple emo-kitty… great :s

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  2. Wheels within wheels. Regardless, that’s a cute kitty.

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    • Its a nice model, a smooth surface texture rather than furred, so I painted it slightly differently to the rest of them, which was interesting and fun.

      Thanks for the feedback Mr S!


  3. Brilliant mate, lovely little fella and so good to see that L’Oreal has got himself a friend! I’m also in awe of how many cats you have… Bonkers 🙂

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    • L’Oreal needed a friend, he is angsty and relied on the emotional support of the wraith construct containing his mothers spirit stone a little too much: it was unhealthy 😉

      The cat thing could be regarded as being a little contrived I suppose, but I enjoy painting them, so I do. I am very fond of my pet cats too, so that makes me more enthusiastic for gyrinx than other familiars I suppose. I do have severl other familiars painted too though, dryad, ptera-squirrel, daemonette, sprite, death ferret, parrot, dunger, alien space bats etc

      Thanks for the feedback Alex!

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  4. I guess you could say the cats out of the bag now Paul lol nice paint job & an interesting choice of colour for you pussy cat.

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    • Well I *could* say that Frank, but Ill leave it to you for now I think ;D

      I enjoy painting the cats in different colours – it allows me to experiment with different paints etc on a small subject that I can correct errors on without too much trouble.

      Funnily enough, this one was defined by the GM technically speaking, as the in game description was a small, purple gyrinx, so I tried out some purples on it. It ended up being the same purple that I used on my recent genestealer test piece too, as a direct result of the success when painting Cassis.


  5. I only know friskers but it makes me realise Cassis is indeed VERY small. Most impressive. Both stealing the gyrinx from the GM and painting such a small model are praise worthy.

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    • Friskers is a larger model than Cassis alright, Cassis is a tiny model. It was nicely sculpted and cast though, so it was a pleasure to paint it, plus I got it from the bag to painted and photographed in a single evening IIRC, so that has an appeal all of its own too.

      Thanks for the feedback Asslessman!


  6. I can see where you would see this as a win win. Seems a reasonable interpretation. Hope Cassis has a good run of it.

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    • Funnily enough, Cassis is at the mercy of the GM really. The GM can bump off regular characters without making me too upset, but I am sentimental about animals, even miniature purple imaginary ones. Im like Hollywood in that respect.

      Thanks for the feedback David!


  7. Expertly painted per usual. How do you go about texturing fur if the surface is flat? I am looking at painting some Pegasus farm animals. They are all flat, but I would like to give the impression of fur?

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    • Hmm, trying to give a visual sense of texture on a smaller model is more forgiving than doing the same on something the size of the cat shown. Its also more difficult using realistic colours I find.

      On Cassis it was a case of feathering where I thought certain areas of the animal should be fluffier up to a much lighter colour, off white in this case.
      The feathering was intentionally kept visible, a series of lines rather than blended (although in truth, much of my painting looks like that anyway). So rather than trying to paint fur all over the model, I just tried to give the impression of changes in fur here and there.

      Its a bit like seeing a wall illustrated in the background of a cartoon like Top Cat. Only a few of the bricks are drawn here and there, but its enough to give the impression that the mostly featureless area is actually entirely brick.

      I tend to take a lot of cues for how I approach painting miniatures from cel animation and four colour comic books. Both boil down the visual essence of textures to the bare minimum while still remaining readable.

      I hope that makes some sense or even possibly helps 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!


  8. What is it ’bout dem psychic space cats? 😉

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  9. That’s one teeny toy cat! Your glaring is coming on nicely!

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    • “Glaring” has become the collective term for my cats since our last discussion on the subject axiom. Some collective nouns are just better than others 🙂


  10. Haha, that’s so great! Of course it’s a win/win 😀
    But you’re getting an unsettling number of cats…

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    • I remember that you were not keen on the last collected image of the kitties Suber. It does have a little bit of a Hitchcockian vibe 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  11. […] miniature space cats for my imaginary life, as can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here and here.  A photo of the first one that I worked on, the imaginatively named “Paul”, the one […]


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