Reek “Payback” Rolat – DreadBall MVP

Reek "Payback" Rolat

Reek “Payback” Rolat

“Payback” is the veer-myn specific MVP from DreadBall Season 1.  The veer-myn team consists entirely of strikers and guards and Reek Rolat is a star guard.  As such he is a bit bigger than the regular veer-myn guards, who are in turn larger than the strikers. Continue reading

Dean Cain Presidential Shield – Dreadball Trophy

The Dean Cain Memorial Shield

The Dean Cain Presidential Shield

A trophy model was supplied as an exclusive miniature in the first DreadBall Kickstarter shipment.  While sort of fun, miniature trophies are something that I have avoided adding to Monté Figuero before now: I figured that I would never get around to painting them.  As painting every scrap of DreadBall stuff that I am supplied with has become something of a personal goal, I gave the trophy a very, very quick paint job the other day. Continue reading

Renton – Dreadball Coach


Renton here is a DreadBall coach.  The figure may be a Kickstarter exclusive, but I am not sure.  Its a modified version of the Corporation Major-General model released last year, with weapons removed and a few things altered/added (a mobile device, a pointing hand and a new head). Continue reading

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