Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer

The above trailer for the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game went up last week.

Its very cute, despite the graphics looking a little dated (pretty inevitable now that the Xbox 360 is in the latter stages of its lifespan).  The trailer also uses the music from the movie “Moon”, which doesnt hurt, Moon being brilliant in every way and all that.

I find that my video game interests spin off into my toy soldier stuff on a regular basis.  Hopefully between this game and the Prometheus movie my enthusiasm might be rekindled enough to finish my Aliens project.  It fell by the wayside back in 2010.

I only wish that the game was a third person shooter.  FPSs are so noughties/nineties.


2 Responses

  1. Just beautiful. Even more fuel to my Aliens fire!

    Also, I like the way game trailers are really getting very nice these days – Dead Island springs to mind. Much better than the by-the-numbers movie trailers we tend to see. You know:

    Clip-text-clip-text-clip-clip-clip-clipclipclipclipclipclip (music buildup) TEXT! Dramatic tagline. Date. Fade to black. EXPECTED SHOCK!


    • Its a very nice trailer, thats for sure.

      Funnily enough the Prometheus trailer is a bit like the generic one that you described.

      I still cant wait to see some Ridley Scott horror sci-fi that is set in the Alien universe though, despite the formulaic trailer 🙂


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